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Services We Offer

Nutritional Counseling. Finding the right dog or cat food can be hard. The ingredients in a majority of pet foods on the market today are feed grade versus food grade. Many of the ingredients are the same ingredients used to feed “feed lot” cattle – not the pretty human versions shown on the pet food labels. Let us help guide you in selecting the best food for your dogs and cats!

* Special Orders. We will special order specific sizes and styles for your pup if we don’t have it in stock, or if you find something online with one of our authorized vendors.

* Grab ‘n Go. Believe us, we understand how crazy days can get, so if you are running short on time, and need us to gather up what you need to have it ready for you, just let us know and we’ll have everything at the register for you so you can just pay and go! Want to save another step? You can pay for your order over the phone, so all you’ll have to do is sign the receipt and go!