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Healthy Foods


Raw Diets

We believe that the best, most species appropriate way to feed our dogs and is with species appropriate raw food diets. All of the foods that we carry are nutritionally complete, easy to feed, safe, and meet AAFCO standards. We specialize in dogs and cats with allergies, skin conditions and digestive issues, and can, in most cases, help your pet attain optimum health with a simple dietary change and the inclusion of appropriate supplements.

We have 6 freezers dedicated to raw foods for dogs, and can help you feed any dog, from the smallest to the largest. We also have bulk raw diets and chubs that are more economical for those feeding multiple dogs or large dogs. Brands that we carry in frozen raw: Answers Pet Food, Primal Pet Food, Northwest Naturals, Vital Essentials (beef tripe), and can order many other frozen brands if warranted.

We also carry Stella & Chewys, Primal Pet Foods and K-9 Naturals freeze dried foods, and The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food.

Canned Foods

Canned food is an excellent way to feed your dog if for some reason, you cannot do a raw diet. Canned foods are also great for enticing older or ill dogs to eat or take medicine, or as a topper just for fun. We offer a wide variety of types (from pate to stew) and proteins to satisfy even the most finicky pup. We currently carry Dave’s, Weruva, Zignature, Redbarn, and K9 Natural.

Dry Foods

Because of our commitment to only carry the best quality foods, we’re really picky about the brands of dry food we carry. Orijen Dog Food is the number one food in the world for good reason – the ingredients are regional, fresh, and most closely mirror the prey model raw diet. Acana Dog Food, made by the same company as Orijen, also has excellent food, and offers several limited ingredient, single-source proteins for those dogs with allergy issues. We can special order other limited ingredient dry foods if required.


Raw Diets

Cats are obligate carnivores, and as such, should be eating moisture rich foods with lots of meat protein. The frozen raw diets we carry are the best food for kitties, and most closely mirror what they would eat in nature. We carry Tiki Cat Raw, Primal Raw, and Answers Pet Food raw diets for cats. We also carry the Primal Pet Foods freeze dried raw, and can order in The Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw for those who need it.

Canned Food

Cats can be really picky, and transitioning to a new food can present challenges, so we’ve stocked our can section with a great variety of canned foods to tempt even the most finicky feline. Some kitties like stew-type foods, others like pate, while others want something more liquid, so we made sure to include different consistencies in our selection. We currently carry Weruva, Fussie Cat, Feline Natural, Dave’s, and Firstmate.

Dry Food

The only dry cat food we carry is Orijen cat food because we truly believe that dry food is hard for our obligate carnivores to digest. Even the best dry food in the world requires the cat to pull moisture out of their bodies to digest, so while we carry it for a few folks, we always try to move people to a more species appropriate diet.