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Why What You Feed Matters

Did you know that dry, processed kibble foods have only been around for 50 years or so? For our dogs and cats, this is less than one tenth of one percent of the time they’ve spent with us as companions. Before this, they were either hunting their food, or eating the scraps of human foods.Why What You Feed Matters

Over the past 30 years, diabetes in dogs has TRIPLED. Over the past 15 years, diabetes in cats has DOUBLED. And we believe that these highly processed foods filled with inappropriate ingredients, and way too high in carbohydrates and starches, have a lot to do with this. As with our human diet, you are what you eat. For our pets, since their foods fall under the category of “feed” versus “food”, they are what they eat eats.

Selecting foods that nourish and feed the basic biology of our pets is critical in maintaining their health. Feeding processed foods would be very much like feeding your child nothing but the worst of fast foods, from birth to death.

Let us help you find the best foods for your four-legged family.