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Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

Welcome to Fifi and Fidos

Pet Boutique and Holistic Nutrition Center!

We are open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 – 6:00, Closed Sunday.

Stay tuned as we continue to update our website! More pictures and great info are on the way!

Fifi & Fidos is a pet boutique, but more importantly, we’re a holistic pet nutrition center. Our philosophy, borrowed from Timber Hawkeye, is simple: “Medicine is not healthcare – food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care, may we never forget it“. Good health starts with good nutrition, so let us help you help your pets achieve optimum health!

All of our foods and treats are carefully selected to insure that they are the best we can find, and are safe for your pets. We specialize in working nutritionally with dogs and cats who have allergies, skin issues, digestive and other health problems, so quality is essential. We also have a carefully selected section of supplements that we know to be of top quality and that work.

Because we specialize in dogs and cats with skin issues, all of our grooming products are geared to be helpful for itchy and yeasty animals. Our grooming products are made in the US with safe & effective ingredients.

Our bakery area is full of great treats, such as birthday cakes, birthday cookies and other birthday treats, as well as cute (and healthy) decorated treats just for fun.

We have toys for dogs of all sizes, and for cats as well. You can find collars, leashes and harnesses for every size dog, as well as functional, warm clothing for colder weather.
Bigger is not always better, so we carefully select a few of the best products that we know and trust for your pets. We research these products and their manufacturers, and so can always recommend these products with confidence. We are fortunate to have been able to help hundreds of pets attain optimum health over the years. Come see if we can help yours!

We now offer Curbside Pickup! Click here to begin your order.