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Dog Nutrition 101

32975357_sWe believe that one of the reasons diabetes and other diseases in dogs has skyrocketed over the past 40 years is that all of the dry, processed kibble foods we have been feeding them were developed with the assumption that dogs are omnivores. We disagree. While we don’t necessarily like to compare the modern dog to the wolf, it is true that they share 99.8% of the same DNA. While dogs have, to a certain extent, adapted to be able to handle a certain amount of starches and carbohydrates, they are in no way able to process and digest the high numbers of carbohydrates and starches contained in most kibble dog foods.

It is our opinion, and the opinion of a growing number of holistic veterinarians and pet nutritionists, that dogs are scavenging carnivores, and should be fed as such. This means they should have a diet rich in meat with very few, if any carbohydrates or starches. The first preference for our dogs is a nutritionally complete raw, freeze dried raw or dehydrated raw diet, with an appropriate balance of meat, bone & organs. We carry a number of different types of both frozen and raw diets, and this is what we personally feed our dogs. The second preference for those who are not comfortable with feeding a raw diet, is a high quality canned food. These foods are rich in moisture, which is one of the things seriously lacking in commercially prepared kibble. If you must feed kibble, please feed a grain free food with the fewest starches and carbohydrates as possible. We carry Orijen & Acana brands of dry food, which are among the best dry foods available.

For years we’ve been told not to feed “people” food to our dogs. We disagree. A diet rich in human grade meats and other human grade ingredients is actually the best thing you can feed to your dog. We’ll be happy to show you the difference!